Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Get Physical!

Taking advantage of the fact I now have my entire day free (that's right. all day, everyday), I decided that this would be the perfect time to try out one of the classes my gym offers. I've been reluctant to do this because the classes have no levels, and they're not like "6 week seminars" or whatever. So basically, the class is full of a mix of beginners and pros. But i saw some pretty old ladies head into this "Hi/Low Sculpting" class so I figured I could manage that. I was all ready to go in my spandex pants and nice cold poland spring!
So, the instructor walks in. This crop-top wearin', belly-tattooed, short and VERY excited Jamaican woman. This was definitely gonna be fun!
The music: just the very best of 1990's dance-remix's of course! Chock full of Ace of Base, Whitney Houstin, and Montel Jordan! Nice!!

So basically the class was fun, but I was definitely the most uncoordinated there. It seemed everyone else knew all the moves this short loud woman was yelling out, while I stood there craning my neck trying to see her, and constantly going the opposite direction of everyone else! I was probably the sweatiest in the room, but oh well...I'm totally going back! Maybe next time I'll wear a sweet sweatband too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

it worked!

hey look! i made chocolates!
some are filled with peanut butter, some with nutella...all delicious!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bikeride buddies

So, here we are! Today the four of use rode our bikes up along the Schuylkill, stopped for powerbars, took some pics, then rode back. I of course, was the caboose of the trip...but hey it wasn't a race- I was kickin' back, taking in the scenery...and rode for 4 seconds with no hands for the first time! yippee!

Monday, August 18, 2008

greetings from my non-air conditioned apartment!

Tomorrow is our first unemployment morning bike ride. This could potentially be a fantastic weekly (or more?) routine...my plan for unemployment is to get all healthy finally. so far, that's not being too successful since my eating habits go pretty much from, not eating all day to eating entire enchiladas, entire bags of pretzel crisps, and ice cream. ehhhh whatever. health is for suckas who can afford Whole Foods. nahh i'll be betta soon--once people stop being charitable and feeding me!

In somewhat-related news...I've decided I definitely need a cool hobby. And since i no longer have a whole mess of people to devour my baked goods, i had to come up with some way to enhance my love of cooking without being stuck with tons of muffins on my hands.
surplus muffins = allison pops a muffin top

SO I've decided I'd like to start making chocolates! yippee! Easy to make (I'm almost 95% sure), easy to keep for awhile, and great gifts! Anyone who wants to join me on my adventure into chocolateland, let me know! I'm also open to filling suggestions! I'm thinking pumpkin, on account of the coming of my favorite season soon! other idears?

Further chocolaty (hopefully) posts to come!

Ardmore, who would of thought?

Of course my laptop sucks and I need to get my portfolio together and do freelance. God I miss my powerful G5. So I dragged Allison to Ardmore with me to go to the Mac store. Philly is such a loser for not having a mac store, we need to start a petition. We are both car-less and we took septa!! Go us!! According the the genius bar I have weak usbs. So my external hard drive with all my freelance and portfolio can't be read by my "weak usbs". Of course I took this personal. Weak?? You mean lazy or depressed or very possibly stoned.
Allison and I wandered around after. Lots of stores we couldn't afford to go in. Nice town, but no Philly, so fuck you apple. Also everything is closed on monday. We found this awesome looking farmers market, closed. Free People has a store there, but going in was just a big cock-tease since we are on unemployment.
Old ardmore has a little more character and we ate a dope coffee shop and of course had to share a sandwich, which was delicious. We found a place we could afford to shop a cute yet dirty thrift shop, with porcelain cats, dead bird hats and foldable baby beds incase we can't afford the pill anymore. Allison was told she needs the dead bird hat to "go out on the town and enjoy libations" . Good times.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

would YOU fire these faces?

Ferry Princess

Magic Marker

Tom and Me (Allison)

So, friday was supposed to be our last day at work...yet another reason to party! Princess Style!! I'm not entirely sure why there were princess crowns or who brought them, but I'm pretty sure they added that little extra something special that all of us needed! Definitely a good start to our official unemployment. Exciting adventures to come this week include:
  1. bike rides
  2. phillies game (plus dollar dogs!)
  3. barbeque (?)
  4. monitor-purchasing
  5. mom visiting (aka...free meals!!)
  6. and also...i think we should organize some sort of unemployment sidewalk sale! i have all the art students living across the street from my building, and we all know how art students love thrifty clothes! i can bake cupcakes and make it part bake-sale too! yes/no?

Friday, August 15, 2008


Some might not know, but I am getting married in less than two weeks. Awesome timing getting laid off before the happiest day of your life. Actually thats sort of not sarcasm, I have all this shit to do, for one damn day everyone will be to drunk to remember. So I am working on the program. This is the front. You got to love sear's portraits.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

when the time comes...


Jawsome! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

the morning i found out i was losing my job...

(and I'm sorry to all who have already heard this story 5 times) I had come up with the brilliant idea that when i was ready to find a new job "2-3 years down the line" I'd take a month off and live in Belgium and eat mussels and drink beer all day. Unfortunately, i wasn't allotted the appropriate amount of time needed to beef up my savings or my French! oopsy-daisy!

In other news and bizarre instances of cosmic alignment...
it so happens the episode of Friends that was on when i turned on my TV, was the one where three of the friends are mad because they have shitty jobs and no money compared to the other three friends...and at the end Monica gets fired and they all get sad and hug and pay for her coffee...

so...who wants to buy me coffee tomorrow? eh?

The day I found out I was losing my job

I went to a pool party in jersey at my friend Christy's parents house, as she was visiting home from Colorado. Gonzo and Angry Tony were in attendance

The Pool:
oh hai pool, I'm going to get in yoU

The Hot Tub:
hot tub

The Tiki Bar
tiki bar


What do you do when your boss asks you to leave 3 days earlier than you were suppose to? You use it for vacation and go to the beach!!! Four of us poor souls went to Sea Isle City, NJ. Tom was the awesome driver in his soup'd up 1994 Honda Civic that rides like its on rails. Good thing it was a nice day since Tom's air conditioning doesn't work, too bad he won't be fixing that now. So yeah, Tom, Allison, Mark and I (Deb) spent the day sunning, reading, wave jumping, and drinking Land Shark Lager (the poor man's Corona) while rocking out to a 90's cover-band, remembering the good old days of high school and college.