Monday, August 18, 2008

Ardmore, who would of thought?

Of course my laptop sucks and I need to get my portfolio together and do freelance. God I miss my powerful G5. So I dragged Allison to Ardmore with me to go to the Mac store. Philly is such a loser for not having a mac store, we need to start a petition. We are both car-less and we took septa!! Go us!! According the the genius bar I have weak usbs. So my external hard drive with all my freelance and portfolio can't be read by my "weak usbs". Of course I took this personal. Weak?? You mean lazy or depressed or very possibly stoned.
Allison and I wandered around after. Lots of stores we couldn't afford to go in. Nice town, but no Philly, so fuck you apple. Also everything is closed on monday. We found this awesome looking farmers market, closed. Free People has a store there, but going in was just a big cock-tease since we are on unemployment.
Old ardmore has a little more character and we ate a dope coffee shop and of course had to share a sandwich, which was delicious. We found a place we could afford to shop a cute yet dirty thrift shop, with porcelain cats, dead bird hats and foldable baby beds incase we can't afford the pill anymore. Allison was told she needs the dead bird hat to "go out on the town and enjoy libations" . Good times.

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