Friday, August 15, 2008


Some might not know, but I am getting married in less than two weeks. Awesome timing getting laid off before the happiest day of your life. Actually thats sort of not sarcasm, I have all this shit to do, for one damn day everyone will be to drunk to remember. So I am working on the program. This is the front. You got to love sear's portraits.

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Anne K. in L.A. said...

Sorry to hear about your layoff. It seems to be an odd trend lately -- getting canned around the time of your wedding. I was fired 6 months after mine. A handful of other women I know lost their jobs (in entirely different industries) within a close timeframe of their weddings.

Hmmm... Is there a strange conspiracy afloat? I wonder if a 1950s era memo is circulating that all women want to stay home and pop out babies right after their weddings? Either way, hang tough and enjoy the time off. I'm on month 4 of unemployment and making the best of it;)