Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bikeride buddies

So, here we are! Today the four of use rode our bikes up along the Schuylkill, stopped for powerbars, took some pics, then rode back. I of course, was the caboose of the trip...but hey it wasn't a race- I was kickin' back, taking in the scenery...and rode for 4 seconds with no hands for the first time! yippee!


TaRule said...

good times. anyone up for an all day ride out to valley forge next week?

AllieDale said...

i may need training for that!
i may be willing to try as long as we take it slow...and someone drives along side me so when i give up i have a ride home hahah!

designer-in-denial said...

Aaww you guys all look so cute, sorry I had to miss out. I wedding beautifying to do. I was thinking hike on mon. My friend gina just moved here and is unemployed too so she is down. I need to fix my bike!! looks too fun!