Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What do you do when your boss asks you to leave 3 days earlier than you were suppose to? You use it for vacation and go to the beach!!! Four of us poor souls went to Sea Isle City, NJ. Tom was the awesome driver in his soup'd up 1994 Honda Civic that rides like its on rails. Good thing it was a nice day since Tom's air conditioning doesn't work, too bad he won't be fixing that now. So yeah, Tom, Allison, Mark and I (Deb) spent the day sunning, reading, wave jumping, and drinking Land Shark Lager (the poor man's Corona) while rocking out to a 90's cover-band, remembering the good old days of high school and college.


haveboard said...

wow, looks like fun!

allie said...

oh! it was...we're def planning more beach trips...and routine bike rides too!

Sarah said...

I thought you all went to Mexico together!

Missing all of you,

TaRule said...

good times indeed. let the FUNemployment begin. who wants to do it all over again next week?