Monday, August 18, 2008

greetings from my non-air conditioned apartment!

Tomorrow is our first unemployment morning bike ride. This could potentially be a fantastic weekly (or more?) plan for unemployment is to get all healthy finally. so far, that's not being too successful since my eating habits go pretty much from, not eating all day to eating entire enchiladas, entire bags of pretzel crisps, and ice cream. ehhhh whatever. health is for suckas who can afford Whole Foods. nahh i'll be betta soon--once people stop being charitable and feeding me!

In somewhat-related news...I've decided I definitely need a cool hobby. And since i no longer have a whole mess of people to devour my baked goods, i had to come up with some way to enhance my love of cooking without being stuck with tons of muffins on my hands.
surplus muffins = allison pops a muffin top

SO I've decided I'd like to start making chocolates! yippee! Easy to make (I'm almost 95% sure), easy to keep for awhile, and great gifts! Anyone who wants to join me on my adventure into chocolateland, let me know! I'm also open to filling suggestions! I'm thinking pumpkin, on account of the coming of my favorite season soon! other idears?

Further chocolaty (hopefully) posts to come!

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Truly Engaging said...

is that shmelvis? So how will your adventure into chocolate land look? We all cyberly bake off and share our good fortunes and so forth? Do explain...
btw, being laid off stinks indeed. But, yer gonna do just fine!