Sunday, August 17, 2008

would YOU fire these faces?

Ferry Princess

Magic Marker

Tom and Me (Allison)

So, friday was supposed to be our last day at work...yet another reason to party! Princess Style!! I'm not entirely sure why there were princess crowns or who brought them, but I'm pretty sure they added that little extra something special that all of us needed! Definitely a good start to our official unemployment. Exciting adventures to come this week include:
  1. bike rides
  2. phillies game (plus dollar dogs!)
  3. barbeque (?)
  4. monitor-purchasing
  5. mom visiting ( meals!!)
  6. and also...i think we should organize some sort of unemployment sidewalk sale! i have all the art students living across the street from my building, and we all know how art students love thrifty clothes! i can bake cupcakes and make it part bake-sale too! yes/no?


designer-in-denial said...

Absolutely not, you are all sooo cute!!! Today is Ardmore, get ready for a post.

The Engaged Guy said...

you guys need to get the blogger polling feature, stat.